Blake2b Mining Calculator

You are able to host your crypto related advertisement here!

Pricing Information

Month-to-month reservation: $10 Someone else is allowed to outbid the original price and you will lose your spot once the reservation period ends.

4 months of reservation: $45

Payment is accepted in BTC or LTC

Rules that the advertisement must follow

1. Must have an aspect ratio of 2:1

2. Minimum size: 400px by 200px

3. Maximum size: 1000px by 500px

4. Image will be scaled to 200px by 100px however higher resolution images are recommended

5. Must be in PNG or JPG format

6. Advertisement cannot be intrusive and should follow the color theme of the website

7. Scams or inappropriate advertisements are not allowed

8. Advertisement cannot link through an ad link shortner(ex. AdFly)

9. Advertisement cannot contain a wallet address

Contact @Gaming Radar101#3404 on discord for more information.

Advertisement currently Reserved by FluxPool for 4 months, reservation period ends on 8/17/2019